Bean’s Cafe served 42,881 in August to the homeless in Anchorage.

It’s not an easy thing to source, prepare, deliver and serve that much food. It’s through your amazing donations that we are able to serve those that need it the most.

Want to see how they do it? Check out the story of serving those that need it the most.

42,000 Meals a Month

There are great stories being written every day! This page shares some of the video stories created.

This first section highlights the Community Resource Hub. The ‘Hub’ is a one-stop-shop for people experiencing homelessness to receive assistance; with a focus on connecting clients to existing resources and helping them to self-resolve when possible. Bean’s Cafe rapid intake form connects clients quickly to the right resources so they do not have to muddle through dozens of applications and talk with numerous providers to see if they might be able to be helped.

Every day Bean’s Cafe feeds Anchorage’s homeless population and provides access to great services throughout our city. Here are a few stories.

Michael and Paulette Thank Bean's Cafe