There are many ways for you to volunteer with Bean’s Cafe and the Children’s Lunchbox

Contact our volunteer coordinator for more information at 907-433-8602 or use the online form on our Contact Page at any time.

Our courteous staff are looking forward to working with you!

Aaron Dollison
Bean’s Cafe

Sherrie Plaster
Bean’s Cafe

Carl Snyder
Kitchen Coordinator
The Children’s Lunchbox

Mike Naylor
Weekend Food Coordinator
The Children’s Lunchbox

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I sign up to volunteer?

The easiest way to start volunteering is to select from the following options, and click the link to get started

Bean’s Cafe | The Children’s Lunchbox | Office | Events

Or you can contact the volunteer coordinator at volunteer@beanscafe.org.

How long should I wait to hear back from the volunteer coordinator?

Some times of year are busier than others, and we have a large volume of volunteers, which means it can sometimes take between two to three days to get in touch with you. If you need immediate assistance please call (907) 433-8602.

What are the age limits to volunteer?

At Bean’s Cafe we have a strict policy regarding age, which due to liability and safety concerns, must be adhered to. Anyone wishing to volunteer at Bean’s Cafe must be at least 14 years of age, and anyone between the ages of 14-18 must be accompanied by an adult. At The Children’s Lunchbox, we love to have volunteers from age 8 and up to help in our cold kitchen. The age limit for events varies, and we recommend contacting the volunteer coordinator with questions, volunteer@beanscafe.org or (907) 433-8602.

When do I need to have a background check, and how do I have that done?

Anyone 18 years or older require a background check when volunteering at any of our Children’s Lunchbox hot kitchens, as you will also be working with children. You may also require a background check when volunteering in our office, as you may come in contact with private or sensitive information. A background check form is provided by, then per- formed by, our volunteer coordinator.